Corona antivirus recommendations: Attention should be paid to hand cleaning. So now we have to wash our hands abundantly.

The mouth, nose and eyes should not be touched without washing hands.

Contact with sick people should be avoided.

Although we have come in contact with sick people, we must wash our hands without touching anywhere.

Anyway, these measures need to be done in order for us to be sick.

We know that some of us say that if I have a holiday in the busy working life, I should get enough sleep in the morning. Actually, I am trying to look at the good side of the event. It is a difficult situation but we should not darken ourselves. We just need to try to stay healthy at home. We must take care of the foods we eat and exercise.

Perhaps an opportunity to read the series we missed or the books we cannot read … So we have to get ourselves small hobbies. We create our own happiness, remember this.

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